It’s not always about money and achievement.
Some of the greatest moments of my life have been in voluntary work, particularly in palliative care. I’ve also done stints with suicide prevention and at a home for unmarried mothers and their babies.
I’m a survivor of workplace bullying and have extensive experience of small, large, happy, dysfunctional, creative, suffocating work places.
Happy to share it all with you.
— Julia
  • Advertising: writing & producing print, radio & online advertising including script/content writing and working with designers to produce finished print.
  • Branding: re-branding, brand building, identity, recognition, comms, launches, re-launches.
  • Campaigns: responsive, pro-active, multi-faceted, marketing, advertising, PR, project management, recruitment, training.
  • Comms: conveying key messages with targeted outcomes. Print and e-newsletters, social media, blogs, surveys, annual & other reports, marketing collateral, technical support material.
  • Events: from whoa to go; major fundraising dinners, TV coverage, networking events, trade conferences. VIPs, product launches, sourcing speakers, media coverage, logistics. Absolute attention to detail.
  • Media: liaison, press releases, image control, events, briefing clients on media strategy & presentation, issues management, crisis management.
  • Mentoring: strengthening your team, guiding through strategy and day-to-day delivery, developing skills, coaching, goal setting. Behaviour management.
  • Online: web, social media, digital, video, SEO.
  • People: an outstanding people person; working with stakeholders, suppliers, service providers, teams. Intuitive, emotionally intelligent, inspirational and compassionate.
  • Public Relations: media liaison, managing external PR agencies and/or handling internal PR.
  • Strategy: key influencer and ideas person. Creative, solutions-based, quick to discover, deliver, grasp the end vision. Thinker, doer, goal setter & getter.
  • Styling: extensive corporate video, photo-shoots expertise. People, places, things!
  • VIPS: working at the highest levels. VIP engagement, coordination, liaison, management.
  • Voice-over work: end-to-end management and delivery. Script writing to voice-over work (for radio/TV).
  • Writing:  The core of who I am. Writing, editing, proof-reading. My absolute passion. Whatever your project, I'd love to talk to you about it. I just love writing!