I’ve worked in Belgium, Hong Kong and here in Australia. My focus has moved from luxury to B2B, start-ups and not-for-profits and everything in between. For me, the joy is in the variety, the exposure to different styles, different cultures, different people. I’ve relished most of my work but not all!!
Life is different now. The economy has brought a tighter slant and my own outlook on life and work has changed.
These days, I seek people who are easy to collaborate with, care about ethics and value their team.
It’s you I’d like to work with to help make a difference to your business.
— Julia
  • key influencer and strategy builder
  • goal-focused, solution-centered
  • eye for detail and the bigger picture
  • high energy, creative, dynamic
  • people person
  • communicator, motivator, listener, wordsmith
  • practical, pragmatic, conscientious, driven
  • happy to work on projects large or small, short or long